• Lake Narach, Belarus

    Lake Narach, Belarus
In November 2009, AOI Logistic Park won a tender to build a logistics center adjacent to Minsk International Airport in Belarus. The 99 Year lease was signed by the Ministry of Transport in April 2010. The founders are AOI (Belgium) and Euroturtas (Lithuania) who have had great success in developing and managing the Kaunas Free Economic Zone in Lithuania.

The Republic of Belarus is located in Eastern Europe and is bordered by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. The countries geographical location ensures its strategic ability to serve as a land transit transport corridor between the EU, Russia and Asia.

We are currently seeking prospective partners to participate in creation of the Park. We are happy to welcome logistics & freight forwarding companies, logistics-center developers & operators, services providers, industrial & manufacturing enterprises, private as well as institutional investors. We are quite flexible and will consider all legal forms of co-operation.

AOI Logistic Park consists of 79 hectares, and is immediately adjacent to Minsk National Airport. The airport is situated 40 km away from Minsk and within a few miles of the M1 highway which is a part of the Pan-European Corridor II (Paris-Berlin-Warsaw-Minsk-Moscow). Construction is set to commence imminently and when complete, the AOI Logistic Park will be the only true multimodal logistics center in the area.

Residents of the Zone receive the following benefits;
  • Tax free profits on all goods & services for 5 years followed by a 50% discount thereafter;
  • 50% discount on VAT;
  • No taxes on real estate owned or leased in the FEZ;
  • Exemption from payments to National Agriculture Support Fund;
  • No tax on purchasing vehicles;
  • No customs duties & taxes on imported equipment & goods to be used within the FEZ - The manufactured goods are freely exported;
  • A guarantee that the legislation governing firms will not change for seven years;
  • Preferential terms of land lease;
  • Free disposition of currency earnings;

Some salient facts regarding Belarus and its economic atmosphere;

On July 1, 2010 Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan created the Customs Union, which converted to the Common Economic Space on January 1, 2012. Starting your business in Belarus will grant you access to 3 major markets with a total population of 170 million and a total goods turnover of about $900 billion. The country's workforce is about 4.7 million. The nominal gross average pay in 2010 was $530 a month. Belarus's literacy rate is at 99.7% and the country ranks 65th in the UNDP’s 2011 Human Development Index, which is the highest position among CIS countries. There are 55 higher education establishments in the country, with a total of 443,000 students. The country’s stability, coupled with low crime and corruption rates, near zero unemployment rate, and the absence of any national or religious conflicts, has made Belarus very attractive to international investors. Belarus is an attractive, promising, profitable, and most importantly safe country for any foreign investments.

We are excited to announce that we have obtained two sites of about 25 Ha each in the city of Brest. Site #1 the Brest Airpark is adjacent to Brest Airport and is located on the M1 highway. Site #2 the Brest Logistics Park is located near the Polish-Belarusian border on the railway link between European (narrow) and Russian (wide) gauge. The unique features and geographical position of these sites are sure to make them extremely popular.

You can find a full array of facts and figures, as well as an extensive description of the project at the AOI Logistic Park  Website

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