• Trakai Castle, Lithuania

    Trakai Castle, Lithuania
The Kaunas Free Economic Zone is a 534 Ha development located at Europe’s most strategic cross roads: the Eurasia land bridge between China and Europe and the priority North-South corridor connecting Helsinki with Berlin. The zone enjoys an attractive legal framework in terms of taxes and import duties. In addition, the region has one of the most competitive highly skilled labor markets in Europe and hosts a number of high tech research institutes in mechatronics and other specialties.

Key advantages of the FEZ include;
  • Considerable tax incentives (namely total tax free for 6 years and 50% corporation tax for the next 10 years);
  • Excellent geographic location, coupled with high quality road, rail and air connections;
  • Directly Adjacent to Kaunas Airport
  • Close to ice-free Klaipeda Seaport;
  • Stable and constantly growing Lithuanian economy;
  • Highly skilled and inexpensive workforce;
  • Well developed infrastructure;
  • Favorable cultural climate - English spoken by most;
  • Favorable investment climate;
  • Safe business environment
The Logistics and Manufacturing area is currently the most actively developed within the zone. A major part of the area has already been prepared and is used for “Greenfield” investments. The Business Street is an aggregation of future buildings overlooking Road A6. There are a total of 13 land plots, where we visualize the construction of modern office facilities and hotels. All the land plots have relevant infrastructure and some already have detailed planning.

Various corporations have already made Kaunas FEZ their home including companies belonging to the logistics, pharmaceutical, high tech and manufacturing industries. Direct foreign investment in Kaunas FEZ accounts for 76% of all investments.

We are very excited to announce that the Phase 2 Airpark Development has moved into high gear. The Airpark is a territory of the FEZ adjacent to Kaunas International Airport (3-kilometre border). This neighborhood offers exceptional possibilities for investors of the FEZ. The Airpark territory integrates air, road, and railway facilities. Airline bases, aircraft service, and aviation industry companies will find this area particularly attractive due to the accessibility to the runway coupled with the tax and custom incentives offered by the FEZ.

Throughout our project we offer land plots with complete infrastructure: asphalt road, water and sewerage systems, and gas and rainwater drainage systems up to the plot boundaries.
If requested, we will be happy to intermediate in producing the detailed plans and designing buildings and we can recommend contractors for building construction. In addition we are ready to help with any legal and accounting issues and to find staff for your business.

You can find a full array of facts and figures, as well as an extensive description of the project at the Kaunas FEZ Website

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