• Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

    Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine
FEZ Ukraine is the developer and operator of economic zones, technology, logistics and industrial parks under the FEZ Europe Group. The company aims to procure, develop and manage distinctive Trade Zones which will comprise of companies of a logistic and manufacturing nature.

Chop, our first site in Ukraine is situated in a truly exceptional location. Geographically located near the borders of Hungary and Slovakia, Chop promises to become a hub for companies seeking to take advantage of its superior logistic position within Europe.

FEZ Europe is committed, through its various projects throughout CIS and Europe, to the development of Logistics and Trade related infrastructure including, Terminals, Railroads and Ports. The objective of the development of Logistics parks, Free Trade Warehousing Zones and Special Economic Zones is to create a European wide logistics, trade and commerce platform by developing key locations. In order to maximize site benefits offered to customers, the developments are to be strategically located within proximity of multiple connectivity options as well as world class logistics infrastructure.

You can find a full array of facts and figures, as well as an extensive description of the project at the FEZ Ukraine Website

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