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FEZ Lituania Lithuania has been a member of the EU since 2004 and of the Shengen Area since 2007, insuring its transformation into a very favorable investment climate. Our first venture in Lithuania, the Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), is also currently the most mature and active zone within the group. It consists of a 534 ha industrial development area, split into several phases, all of which offer significant tax incentives.

The FEZ is attractive thanks to its geographic position as well as its perfect development possibilities. It boasts true multimodal access, especially in Phase 2 of the project, the AIRPARK, where clients have direct access to the Kaunas International Airport. Located in the midst of the North-South, East-West EU transport corridor, the zone has a very distinct and notable logistical advantage. Kaunas FEZ has seen immense growth in 2011 and has a very bright outlook for the future.
FEZ Belarus The Republic of Belarus is located in Eastern Europe along major trade routes between West Europe & Russia, and the Baltic & Black Sea. It is bordered by Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine and is strategically positioned to serve as a land transit transport corridor between the EU, Russia and Asia. AOI Logistic Park is situated within the boundaries of Minsk International Airport and forms part of the highly successful Minsk FEZ in a centrally located logistics destination. We have recently signed investment agreements for a further two sites in Brest, the Brest Airpark and Brest Logistics Park.

Particularly significant for the inhabitants of our zone is the new Customs Union between Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. The Union will create open access to 3 major markets with a total population of 170 million and a total goods turnover of about $900 billion! From a location perspective our proximity to the Eurasian Land Bridge at the connection between the Trans-Siberian Railway and Germany is immensely important and an exceptional benefit.
FEZ Ukrain A unique opportunity presented itself recently to procure a 150 Ha tranche of land in an exceptional geographic location in Ukraine. Chop, a city on the western border of Ukraine, is but a few kilometers from the junction with the Hungarian border (Zahony) and the Slovak border. Our sector adjoins the Solomonova Industrial Park (Skoda & VW assembly plants) and we are currently in active negotiations to obtain the necessary permits to convert this land into what is certain to be a very attractive logistics and production zone.