• Excellent Teamwork

    Excellent Teamwork


Freddy Opsomer is the Chairman of our group. He was formerly Commercial Director of Euro Immo Star (the commercial development subsidiary of Belgian Railways) and has been with the company since the inception of the Kaunas FEZ.  A very astute and experienced developer, Freddy lives in Belgium and, due to his past association with Belgian Railways maintains a close working relationship with the various organs of the European Union, especially the Transport Directorate. He has a Master of Real Estate from the University of Antwerp and Master of Science in Renewable Energy from the TU Wien. In 2009, Freddy received from President Adamkus, the Cross of the Knights of the Order for Merits to the Republic of Lithuania, due to his contribution to the independance of Lithuania and the regional development of Kaunas. Freddy was also an alternate member of the Belgian Parliament in 1985.

Directors by Country
Lithuania > Vytas Petruzis is the Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Management Company of the Kaunas Free Economic Zone. Born and raised in Kaunas, Vytas is very much respected both locally and throughout Lithuania as an astute businessman who conducts his dealings with both integrity and dedication. Vytas has been with the group since the inauguration of the Kaunas FEZ, and has proven to be quite central to the success of the zone. Vytas has extensive knowledge and understanding in both the technical aspects of the project as well as its marketing and development.  He previously served as the Head of Traffic Engineering Division of the Transport & Road Research Institute of Lithuania.

Belarus > Dmitry Petrovich is the Chief Executive Officer of our AOI Logistic Park based in Mink. A lawyer by profession, he brings integrity and profound professionalism to the group. He currently fulfils the dual roles of CEO as well as legal advisor for our various Projects in Minsk and Brest. Born and raised in Brest, Dmitry has an excellent dialogue with Governmental bodies, both in Brest and throughout Belarus. He successfully maneuvers though Belarus’s intricate legal and governmental system and continuously provides stability and calm in what is a fast developing country.

Ukraine > Michael Malkov oversees our newest zone in Chop, Ukraine. Selected for his professionalism and skill, Michael has begun to create an operation plan that supports the strategic direction set by the board. He is currently developing policies to ensure the long-term financial success of our Chop FEZ and continuously provides prompt, thorough, and accurate information to promote and guide Chop FEZ through its infant years. He is an active advocate for the group, its beliefs, and its programmatic efforts.

Legal & Corporate
William Stern LL.D, born in Europe & educated in the United States is an invaluable asset to the business. William graduated from Harvard Law school and is a member of the NY Bar association. A brilliant entrepreneur, he provides extensive legal and corporate services to the FEZ Europe Group of companies. William currently resides in London, and works out of our Kensington office. His sound advice and contagious optimism have helped propel FEZ Europe to where we stand today.

International Marketing
Samuel Stern, Originally from the USA and educated in London, Samuel presides over the international facet of our various marketing campaigns. With a mixed educational background in both Economics & Physics, he is highly knowledgeable in the technical angle as well as the design and business aspect of our marketing department. To keep his “hand on the pulse” of our various projects, Samuel travels frequently between our several locations.


FEZ Europe strongly believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative efforts and has an extensive history of working with the best and highly regarded firms in their individual industries.

FEZ Europe appreciates the support of our corporate partners and their commitment to our clientele and to the Free Economic Zone business model. We appreciate that working alone, we cannot fully achieve our mission, and so we are honored that our corporate partners stand with us in our efforts to serve our clients in the most efficient and effective way.

We work closely both with both multi-national corporations, as well as local small businesses to identify, design and implement alliances that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector on behalf of our clients as well as our communities.


FEZ Europe is privileged to count the Freshwater Group of companies amongst its strategic investors. The Freshwater Group is a developer and Investor in both the UK and the USA. Its assets exceed ₤1 Billion, and one of its companies, Daejan Holdings has been quoted on the London Stock Exchange for over 50 years. Based in London Freshwater is a strong, stable and independent group, whose portfolio includes office, industrial, retail & residential properties in both the UK and the USA.

The Pinnacle Group is a third generation family business that owns and manages residential real estate in New York City. The group owns/manages some 25,000 residential units making them New York City's largest private residential landlord.

The 1974 Edmond Stern Settlement, a private New York based Family Trust specializing in investments in Central and Eastern Europe.